BMW R25-2 mit Seib LS 200 Seitenwagen

What I did:

Bike: 1952 BMW R25/2  Matching Number

Frame: sand blastet and new paint

Bodywork: original Gastank , original front and rear fender, new paint and white stripes, new seat

Engine: power piston, new valves and vale-springs, gearbox overhauled

Exhaust: original header and exhaust

Suspension: new springs, damper stops front and rear

Tires/Wheels: new steainless spokes and new painted rims

Electronics: new wiring, new gel battery 6V

Sidecar: Steib LS 200

Frame: Frame and Body sand blastet and new paint with white stripes

original Seat with new leader

Tires/Wheels: Rim new paintend and stainless spokes

original Aluminium Parts overhauled

and much more...

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South Germany